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YEBO/CYC Podcast Collaboration

Updated: May 23, 2019

Click Here to listen to the YEBO/CYC podcast

This podcast episode was recorded and produced by student members of the Colorado Youth Congress in partnership with YEBO.

The students attended the Donnell-Kay Foundation's Consider This... event in late January and used the material as inspiration to launch into conversations about their identities and their experiences in the education system, as well as their vision for an equitable and liberatory education.

Student participants include Yessica Villagrana, Jaydn Guyen, Jonah Landeckn, and Cameron Casados.

To read the accompanying blog post by Cory Montalvo (Founder, Chief Plug - YEBO), please visit our previous blog post.


Click Here to listen to the YEBO/CYC podcast

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