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Podcasting with YEBOlabs

Happy Friday, everyone!

The final project we're revisiting this week is a podcast episode that helped launch our YEBOlabs program.

We received a grant from the Margulf Foundation to design and pilot transportable media studios that help students create and broadcast media from the field. These mobile units fit into backpacks and small cases, and include the hardware and software needed to develop podcast, video, or photography projects. We call them YEBOlabs.

To help us test our concept, we partnered with four student members of the Colorado Youth Congress (CYC) who wanted to create a podcast.

CYC trains diverse communities of young people to lead systems change by bringing together high school students from urban, suburban and rural communities across Colorado - from all racial, socioeconomic and political backgrounds - to build a community and learn what it takes to lead change in a complex world.

The CYC team working a pop-up studio at the Donnell-Kay event and recording material for the podcast at the offices of the Donnell-Kay Foundation

Although much of our programming occurs in the tread of the school day, we believe learning happens everywhere and students should have opportunities to apply their skillsets to a real-world context and explore their communities outside of the classroom.

With this goal in mind, the CYC students took YEBOlabs to the Donnell-Kay Foundation's Consider This... event in late January. The event revisited the Brown V Board decision, focusing on the impact it's had on Black and Brown educators and the teaching profession.

CYC members began by revisiting what they learned about the landmark decision, including listening to an episode of Malcolm Gladwell's podcast Revisionist History about Brown V Board and reading an except of Dr. Michele Foster's book "Black Teachers on Teaching".

Then the students used YEBOlabs to record Dr. Michelle Foster's keynote at the event and interview attendees about their perspectives on the subject. They used this material as a launching pad to create a podcast episode that interrogated the state of our education system, topics of race, and the ideal vision for the future.

Student participants included Yessica Villagrana, Jaydn Guyen, Jonah Landeckn, and Cameron Casados.

To listen to the podcast, click the following link:

YEBO/CYC Student Podcast - Donnell-Kay Foundation Brown V Board Event

Stay tuned, as next year Jaydn and Jonah are returning to partner with YEBO and AMPED to lead a year-long podcast series that details the work and personalities of CYC.

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