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Pilot @ The Confluence - Film Study

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

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We launch into a film study of the movie Black Panther. Using the film, students continued to explore and debate the difference between engaging media as entertainment and consuming it as something more.

Some essential questions we discussed to launch the film study: Does the idea of being entertained have something to do with needing to be distracted? How do music and movies change our mood or attitudes? What's does it mean to be a conscious creator? Who has the right to portray our culture? Is it okay to just watch a movie without having to talk about all this "deep" stuff?

Regarding Black Panther, the YEBO crew spent time dissecting some key scenes and moments from the film. We dove into the differences and similarities between T'Challa (Black Panther) and Eric Killmonger (the villain), honing in the diversity of the Black experience and the how oppression and colonialism impacts one's worldview. Students also noticed how women were portrayed in the film as leaders and protectors, juxtaposing this context to the status quo of how women are often illustrated in pop-culture.

We also unpacked the term "swag" by debating which character in the film had the most of it. In the conversation, we talked about whether or not having material things (jewelry, clothes, cars) gives you swag or if swag is a type of attitude that makes everything around seem more hip and cool. (For me, the Dora Milaje - the team of Wakandan women trained from birth to be the best fighters in the world - take the crown for the most swag.)

We had fun watching one of the best movies of all time, while learning how to practice critical thinking when engaging pop-culture.

Student Showcase

The awesome thing about The Confluence Center is that it serves students from all grade levels during and out of school time. YEBO partner and co-founder of The Confluence, Paul Clifton shares his passion for music production with a group of elementary school students before and after school. We extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such dedicated and passionate educators and artists. We strive to use our platform to uplift these folks as well as the work of their students.

This is the one and only, DJ (3rd grader). He created (from scratch) the beat and then ran through a few takes to ensure the lyrics were laid down tight. Perfect example of what we're talking about when speak on the importance of self-expression.

Hope y'all are ready for this...

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Our Learnings

  1. Ensure students can connect purpose to an activity beforehand.

  2. Youth gravitate to movies more than many other mediums of media.

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