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YEBO leverages the power of media and media production to support youth with developing a sense of competence, a sense of relatedness to others, and a sense of autonomy. 



Our vision is a youth that discover their creative potential and develop into powerful decision-makers who become directors of their own lives and use their voices and gifts to transform the world around them. 


Our story, like all stories, starts with love and a problem.

Cory Montalvo is a Black-Latino creative who writes fiction, uses a typewriter, devours comic books, and owns a telescope. In other words, he's a geek. So when he was hired as the first Dean of Students for at a K-5 charter school in Denver, he had no intention to go about the job in the traditional sense of the role. As the only person of color on leadership, however, Cory quickly found himself battling micro-aggressions and the pressure to uphold a school model that prioritized punitive consequences over social emotional learning.


To counter this reality, Cory began bringing comic books to work as a means to create an alternative behavior intervention for a few boys of color. He challenged the boys to make connections between their own lives and what the superheroes were experiencing, and then they created their own comics, with villains representing the deepest challenges at school, while superpowers became the solutions to combat those challenges.


This process was the birth of YEBO and illustrated how pop-culture (when used for good) could positively impact youth.

From 2016 to 2017, our program operated informally as a weekly comic book club for elementary school students during their lunch block. In addition to the club, we launched a summer youth writing camp that offered students in grades 4-6 an opportunity to engage in comic book creation and spoken word poetry. In August 2017, we began co-creating with community the Youth Empowerment Broadcasting Organization, which expanded the program's original offerings that were rooted in the literary arts to a multi-media focus. 

YEBO currently operates in partner schools and with student-facing organizations in Denver and Aurora, Colorado. 


1. We build leaders.
2. We create a brave space to ask "why"
3. We explore our authentic selves.
4. We unite through our creativity.
5. We grow through failure.
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